Cricket St Thomas

The beautiful Cricket St Thomas house and gardens is situated in a valley between Chard and Crewkerne and is better known to many as Grantleigh Manor in the BBC comedy series ‘To The Manor Born’ starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles aired between 1979-1981 with a special edition in 2007.

It was 15 years ago, Allan said we were going away for the weekend and to pack some country tweed? I don’t own anything in tweed. Anyway packed a bag and as we drove closer to the stately home he stopped the car said what’s this place? looking puzzled then after a few minutes, crikey it’s Grantleigh, thinking we were only passing here was my birthday surprise!

So after a couple of months toiling with the ideas for a surprise breakaway for Allan’s birthday earlier this year, it was put into action, proceeded with booking the historic Purtington suite for a three night relaxing stay with lovely views and perfect weather. We enjoyed doing very little for a change apart from our favourite pastime of walking and discovering the grounds of this wonderful parish. The staff were truly hospitable, guests were friendly. Our stay included breakfast and dinner and you have a set table for your whole stay, you can have table service or buffet. It is worth checking the entertainment acts before you book it makes your stay an added bonus or you could enjoy a quiet drink in the main house before retiring for the night.

Cricket St Thomas is one of our favourite Warner Leisure Hotels we highly recommend.


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