Candle of Hope | Strength and Unity

On the 26th March 2020 our small community of sixteen flats here in Whitechapel, East London came out to give thanks to our NHS workers. Paying tribute to our carers who are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic around the clock. At 8pm the roar of clapping, sounds of whistling, the banging rang out throughout our neighbourhood and beyond was truly overwhelming and wonderful. The spirit of unity was truly heartwarming.

It was on this day we lit our Candle of Hope for the first time in our communal garden and every evening since that day a candle is lit. A candle a day will continue till the day we defeat this killer, the Coronavirus that has no care but rip through and cripple our world.

It is with this light that gives us strength during these dark days. Let this light be a symbol of a mothers love giving strength to all her sons and daughters, an unspeakable love that gives fight and unity to keep going.

Let all the candles shine giving light to all those that have been sadly taken from our world.

Let the light be a symbol of hope for all those left behind and let the light give eternal blessings of strength to our carers to our communities, our families and loved ones the world over.

Stay strong, for our wings will prevail against this enemy and give light to a new dawn.

Stay safe and well, thoughts and prayers with you all.