Stepney’s hidden gem


The 1st of May was a gloomy Bank Holiday Monday the weather was a washout that we decided to stay in doors. On the Tuesday I manage to go for a stroll around Stepney in the later part of the afternoon.  A place I haven’t been for in a while is St. Dunstan and All Saints church which is at the end of Stepney Way, East London. It’s fascinating to think the foundations of this church date back to the 10th Century and the grounds are maintained make for a pleasant stroll indeed.


As you walk along Stepney Way, I’m coming down from Sidney Street, on the left you’ll pass Stepney Green. It’s a nice park to sit or to jog or to spend some quiet time you can pass through and on the other side you’ll come to


 a beautiful stretch of some stunning Georgian architecture and Victorian era terraced housing lucky enough to have survived the years.




Jumping back onto Stepney Way turning left heading towards the church you can continue to walk towards the church but a visit to Stepney City Farm its a working farm, arts and community centre always worth a look in even just for a coffee break.

Stepney, a hidden gem in the East End.

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