Man’s Best Friend

This short picture story is about Toast, a cocker spaniel, he was born on the twenty second day of July two thousand and eight; his kennel club name was “off the record” and it was Bert who gave Toast his name at nine weeks old and the two have been inseparable ever since.


In the spring of twenty sixteen, we decided to take a weekend break visiting our friend Bert, who opt for the tranquil setting of country life in a lovely thatched cottage a short drive from the South Devon coastal town of Sidmouth.


Toast is small like his mum so he has the wonderful knack to crawl under fences to get to troughs before other dogs. Bert says, “Toast is an underdog but has a very competitive nature and always wants to be best.”




Over that weekend it was such joy for all of us to see Toast with so much energy, his loyal lovable character was so adorable to see and you can understand why dogs are a man’s best friend.